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Stuff worth reading

I've collected links to documents and sites that I've found worth reading.
I hope you do, too.

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CBInsight's indispensable quarterly report on the state of the Venture Capital business. Miss at your own peril.

The content is gated but CB Insights is not particularly aggressive in going after you...

Nexit Ventures' excellent Activist VC blog has a handy VC glossary that explains some key VC jargon in something more like human language. They are even kind enough to occasionally update the text.

State of Venture_edited.png
Financial Reports

SEG (a US-based M&A advisory firm) produces some excellent research, especially on the SaaS industry and SaaS company valuations.


Most of the content is gated but you can see some summaries and highlights without registering. And the registration process is not very onerous.

This is the Finnish edition (in English, though) of the standardized Series Seed investment documents. This is a good place for both getting to know what investment documents are like and saving a bit on legal fees (do use a good lawyer, though!).



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